Sony PMW-500 camera for broadcast-quality HD
   My main camera is a Sony PMW-500, which shoots high definition onto SxS cards, and is fully BBC-approved.  The camera comes with Canon wide-angle and standard lenses and a Sachtler tripod.  There's a kit of microphones, including the latest digital radio mics.  I have a range of lights, including fluorescent and LED panels, and a small director's monitor

   The PMW-500 camera is regarded as the standard broadcast-quality HD camera for all sorts of programmes, and the pictures are really good.  Mine is also fitted with the standard definition option, which is useful for compatability with SD productions.

Sony DSR-450 DVCAM camera
   I also have a DSR-450 camera for standard definition DVCAM work.  It's the most recent and best in the long line of DVCAM tape cameras.  The format is still widely used, but tapeless and HD formats are taking over.
Canon C100 and Blackmagic Cinema Camera
   I have a couple of large-sensor cameras for cinema-style filming, which are particularly useful in giving a shallow depth of field for interviews.  They come with a kit of manual prime lenses.

   The Canon C100 shoots HD onto small cards, while the Blackmagic Cinema Camera uses a solid-state disc drive (SSD).

   The C100 can also be handy as a 'B' camera on multi-camera interviews.

What about the sound?
   Sound is important, and for quality and reliability I'd rather have a sound recordist on any shoot.  If you're employing me on my own then I'll bring microphones for basic sound, but should your plans include complex recording (such as musical performance, several participants in a scene, a round-table discussion or anything remotely fly-on-the-wall-ish) then a proper recordist is essential - I can put you in touch with one.
Track & dolly and crane Minicams
   I can add extra class and style to your production by using my track & dolly and basic crane, available as optional extras.  (Note: An assistant is normally needed when using this equipment.)  A rolling spider is included in the standard kit, if requested.    I have a GoPro kit, with three miniature cameras in waterproof housings, mounts and accessories, as well as little cameras from other manufacturers.  The picture quality can be remarkable, but allow a bit of time for rigging.  Optional extras - please discuss your requirements before the shoot.
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