A complete shoot and edit package...
   My Avid Media Composer edit suite here in sunny Hove means that I can shoot and edit anything from a short VT to a complete programme.

   Whether your programme is for broadcast, the web or DVD, I can help you make the best of your source material.  Housed in a purpose-built area which comfortably seats three people, the suite also features a voice-over studio with room for two at a squeeze.

   There's fibre optic broadband for speedy uploading of preview clips or delivery by FTP.

   I also do simple DVD authoring.
Voice-over   I record voice-overs.  There's a couple of decent mics and compressor/limiter.  The voice-over booth has been used for projects as diverse as relaxation techniques and football commentary.

   Alternatively, I can edit on the road with my powerful edit laptop.  Also running Avid Media Composer, it comes with a voice-over microphone and a mobile internet dongle for FTP delivery on location, wherever there's a mobile signal.
   I use my edit suite regularly to cut VT packages for the BBC Sunday Politics programme (Sunday lunchtimes, BBC One South East).  Since 2005 I've edited the VTs for 35 programmes a year, as well as shooting them and doing camera on the live OBs.

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